Sunday 20.8.2017 Workout for Aug 20, 2017

Rest and Recovery, Open Gym

Rest and recovery day. Venyttele, tankkaa ja palaudu – tai tule harjoittelemaan Open Gymissä poisjääneitä treenejä, heikkouksia tai vahvuuksiasi.

Saturday 19.8.2017 Workout for Aug 19, 2017

Floor press, 3×5

2s. Pause at the bottom

5 rounds for quality and minimum rest:

4 x Skin the cats
12 x Supine ring-row
7 x Strict Handstand push-ups (challenging variation eg. use plates)


Friday 18.8.2017 Workout for Aug 18, 2017

Back squat 3×1

Back squat 3×1

Ring dips

Max reps of strict ring dips

10 min AMRAP:

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 10 minutes of:

5 Shoulder to OH [35/55kg]
10 Deadlift [35/55…